I'm FOXIXUS, a self-taught artist and animator
I am a Fillipino, and currently lived in the Philippines
My fursona is a Protogen and a Fox
I became a furry since I made my youtube channel at 2018
channel name is FOXiXUS

Commission info on the bottom of the page




Terms of Service

please read the terms of service carefully before commissioning.
By commissioning me, you are automatically agreeing to my terms of service. These are rights to protect me as an artist. If you have any questions at all, feel free to ask me!
If you have more questions message me on one of the contacts
⚠️ Terms of Service are subject to change without notice.Last update: January 22th 2024


  • Please provide a ref sheet of your character with basic information or background story

  • (If you don't have an ref sheet, photos of the character will be fine as long as its flat colored)

  • (if you only have an Idea for the character "text info" I will charge an additional fee)

  • Provide the idea/concept of things you really want to get on the artwork

  • Make sure you know the things you wanna get

Conditions / Rights

  • I have the right to decline a commission for any reason.

  • Rights to preserve and use the artworks to promote myself on my social media and sites

  • Be patient, Waiting queue time will be months (2-6) depending on my backlog / TRELLO.

  • ---------------------------------------------------------------

  • I may record for speedpaints or tutorials will be posted on my youtube

  • I may use the artworks for Merch (like prints, shirts, etc) but I will ask your permission before doing so.

  • You are not permitted to submit my artwork to AI learning platforms, deviantART included.

  • You can't use the commissioned artworks for commercial purposes, Once I create an image for you, you are welcome to use it however you please for any non-profit intentions. (You may produce print outs of the copy (For wall decoration, posters, etc.), but you are not allowed to re-sell any item using the artwork.)

  • You have the right to claim your character/s but not the creation of artwork itself and you should always give credit to the artist when you share the artwork online.

  • Private files should stay private, You are allowed to post or share the PUBLIC version of the artwork, both public and private versions have my watermark but Public versions are those with the text (with my website and name) watermark

  • You are not allowed to edit/paint over or do any stuffs that change artwork unless you have my permission, Resizing or cropping is alright

  • You are not allowed to remove my watermark.


  • I only accept Paypal payments or invoice

  • payment first before putting you on queue and start anything

  • for installment the second or final payment will be charge during the progress or after the art is done. This method is only available for Illustrations

  • for installments, 10% of the payment will be added to the total amount of the commission

10% Additional fee if you want me to prioritize your slot on the queue


  • You have the right to cancel the commission at any time. Refund policy is as follows; if you wish to cancel your commission before work begins, I will retain 5% of the original commission payment in USD as a convenience fee. If you cancel during the sketch/thumbnail stage, a 50% refund of original payment will be issued. No refund will be issued if you cancel during the color stage, or after the commission is complete.

  • If I cancel the commission, 100% of the original commission payment will be refunded.

What will you receive

  • Public and private versions of the artwork

  • Full resolution of the artwork of both versions

  • Both versions have my watermark but Public version has text watermark (with my name, website and commissioner name)

  • ! NOTE: you will not recieve the source files



Start at FEB 25 2024 , 4:30AM (GMT +8)STATUS : CLOSEFINAL BID: $120You will see the leading bidder on "Bid results"
SB: 100
MB: 20
AB: 1000
(Prices are in USD)
Estimated time will end around Feb 27, 2024The form will be up for 48 hrs from the moment I posted this and it will extend 1 hour on the last after the given time. If no one bids within an hour, the bidding will conclude.---------------------------------
ref sheet can be edited to liking
EDITS possible
- Character name- Character details- Minor Design Adjustmentsand background change- Character symbol (IF ANY)FOR AB:+REFSHEET
+Painted version of the ref sheet
+and you will get an additional 3000x3000 Painted ICON
(non AB will only receive the Unshaded refsheet)


Commissions pieces may range from 85 USD and above.
Please read the Terms of service

Just opening few slots this batch
Of interested, Fill up my commission form, make sure to read my TOS.


You can find me at these sites


Prices are subject to change without notice

ICON - 90$

Half body - 125$

full body with plain imple background
3k landscape or portrait
(additional character will be +130USD)

Full body - 160$

full body with plain imple\organic background
4k landscape or portrait
(additional character will be +130USD)

Illustration - starts at 300$

Full scenery
Prices may depend on the details, scene and story
5k resolution MINIMUM
(additional character will be +130USD)

Ref sheet - Quote

Contact me if you want a qoute for Ref sheetbase price depends on type
- Flat colored
60$ usd for the first angle or pose
Then half of it for each additional angles/details
- Shaded (not available atm)(Example: 3 angle "Flat colored" ref sheet will be 60 + 30 + 30 = 120)

Stickers - Quote

Contact me if you want a qoute for sticker packBase price for flat stickers is 20USD



Nexie the protogen

Protogen cute, who likes rams. one of my early characters made on 2018


Dilres is my very first character in the furry fandom. He has a lot of revisions but on 2019 he became the looks he currently has